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  • Country: Australia
  • City: Outback
  • Year: 2014
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

Australia is a huge Country where nature is definitely the main character. I don't know about you, but in my imagination, Australia means take the car and drive for days along endless fields of a beautiful nothing. Maybe camping somewhere under an endless sky completely covered with stars.. Leave the big cities when you visit other places.

Australia is life on the road, being in close contact with nature and live enjoying the total freedom, owners of every single choice that you take.

Of my "Australian life" I definitely have some regrets, such as not being able to go to the west coast and travel by Van on the streets semi deserted and unspoiled nature of that corner of paradise. But I was able to get at least a taste of that life, driving my humble machine (other regret is not having bought a Van) from Melbourne up to Queensland, through the Australian desert. Definitely a unique experience, an experience that I'll keep inside my heart... Driving daily for hundreds of kilometers, often in the middle of nowhere, a flat and torrid land, for me of an incredible charm. The first part of the trip was spent in the company of two beautiful and lovely girls, a very pleasant time.. Stopping a night also in Coober Pedy, and sleeping under the ground.. How not remembering the spectacular night sky of this isolated area in the middle of nowhere.. countless number of stars almost touchable by hand.

My company over after visiting Uluru.. About Uluru you can say what you want.. it's a really touristic place, it may seem a simple rock, but the history that this place has to tell is very deep (and sad). Uluru is a place of a great importance, and the energy that emanates is unique.. it's one of those places like few in the world.

I spent the second part of the trip alone, alone with my many thoughts (certainly not an easy period for me), feeling and appreciating for the first time the loneliness. Me, my car, and my music and in front of me a long deserted road. A road most of the time completely straight, where the meetings with other travelers were definitely sporadic (is custom to greet every car you meet in your way.. sometimes you can spend an hour before this happens). The beauty of this drive was also the fact that I could stop anywhere i would felt interesting... dedicating myself to my photography passion.

Pleasantly I will remember the night when, after ten hours of driving, with the tank almost empty, I managed to reach a small village near a river. Almost in darkness I drove my tired travel companion through some gravel road (sure not its favorite), parking it near the shore of this river. The night was horrible, sweating gallons of sweat to the extreme heat and tortured by a thousand of mosquitoes of the area.. a long and sleepless night spent inside my uncomfortable car. What, however, I did not expect, is what I witnessed at sunrise... the sun was filtering through the trees reflecting everything in this flat water, covered by beautiful lotus flowers. A wonderful feeling that alone has repaid me for all the efforts and inconveniences to get here... These are for me the priceless experiences that Australia can give you every day.
Has been 10 days of travel, thousands of kilometers, dozens and dozens of hours of driving, in which I was able to visit beautiful places, where I could appreciate the beauty of the loneliness, where I could learn more about myself challenging my limits and my fears . It was only 10 days, but these 10 days gave me more emotionally than years spent in the routine of my life in Italy.


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