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Humans vs Nature

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  • Country: Japan
  • City: Nara
  • Year: 2015
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

Nara is a famous traditional Japanese town. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this interesting and attractive city. Nara has a special feature that makes it unique: here more than a thousand wild deers roam around the numerous parks. There is a peaceful coexistence of these beautiful animals and the local people.This is also a major attraction for professional and amateur photographers.

I was walking around a park, when it was almost sunset. The park was full of deers grazing on the grass or feeded by various tourists. At some point I saw a group of about 20 Japanese photographers "heavily armed", walk together led by a man who seemed to be an expert of the place. Intrigued, I followed them in their mission: they were hunting deers... for photos. After 5 minutes of walking we reached a tiny brook that cut the park in two where there were many deers. The team was lurking, compact and ready to snap, on the banks of this stream. The deers looked bemused at this group of strange people, when the leader of the group began throwing crackers to attract as many deers as possible. Once the preparation ended, the man lied down on the grass and after counting up to three, he threw a crackers bag into the air to attract the gaze of perplexed deers. At that time it started a "gust of shots" as if it was a battle to the death. The man repeated the process for a dozen times with photographers competing for the most beautiful shot.

I could not resist and I wanted to take this bizarre scene, forgetting about the deers. Perhaps my pride stopped me in taking advantage of this bizarre trick.. I prefer to work alone for my shots. After a few minutes the deers have begun to lose interest in the photographers... seemed to say: "These people are stupid...". The scene was actually quite hilarious, they looked like an army into the fray. But I'd be curious to see their shots ... I think almost all the same.

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