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Shanti in India

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  • Country: India
  • Year: 2015
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

What do you aspect from India? What’s your purpose on coming here? Let’s start to tell you something. If you think of India as a place for party, go clubbing and getting waste, you’ve looked maybe at the wrong part of the world map. India is NOT Thailand, is NOT Indonesia or wherever else… you should not think of India for this kind of holiday.

Ok, there is actually one place called Goa, well known for this kind of tourism. But sorry, i don’t even consider that state as a real part of this amazing Country. Don’t dare to say that you go to India, when the only thing that you wanna do is stay in Goa, for partying hard, getting waste, take all the shit possible. I pity you if you think like that, you would really miss a great opportunity to see and live one of the most amazing Country of the world.

Music and meditationAnother thing that i want to clarify before starting, is that this Country is NOT even a bloody supermarket for enlightenment. In these 6 months spent here, i met such a lot of people always talking about Yoga, Vipassana, etc. A lot of people think that come here is enough to have this bloody enlightenment that seems to be so popular and easy, nowadays. Everything seems to be so commercial, seems to be more like a fashion, everything seems losing the real original meaning. Guys, do any kind of this stuff doesn’t make you any cool, is something that you should do just if you feel ready, if you really need it. Stop saying bullshits talking about enlightenment like something that anybody can get… there are expert yogi that even after a life of training can’t reach that state of mind. And I'm talking about the real one.

I still remember an asshole of 50-60yo that once was talking to my friend about a new amazing kind of yoga, that hanging yourself up with a rope, tying your legs, and staying upside down, you can reach an enlightenment after 20 minutes…. My dear bloody asshole, if you don’t understand that the feeling that you have is simply caused by the blood that comes into your brain, I'm sorry to tell you that you are just an IDIOT. Oh my God, this kind of people piss me off..

India for sure is not a place for everyone, is a tough experience that will challenge your body resistance and your patience. This is a place that, if you are willing to open your eyes and your heart, if you are willing to compromise everyday, it will give you so much emotionally that it could change your life. I’ve been speaking with my friend about this… What makes India such an amazing Country?

Once you get here you must forget any habit you had before. Forget comfort, forget expectations… here you never know what you get.. perhaps you buy something and it turns to be totally different from what you asked. In our Countries we are used to be spoiled by the efficiency of our services, who more, who less. Here seems like anything goes on the “normal” way… unbelievable India. Why like this? How many times will you hear this? Yes, India is unbelievable in everything… everything in India is synonymous of excess, from the rubbish on the streets to the beautiful colours of the buildings. It’s a continuous paradox of situations.

Around the streets you will see every time scenes totally unthinkable somewhere else in the world, you will be bothered by every vendors of the city, every TukTuk driver, every beggar.. continuously. Probably many people will try to cheat you, to scam you so badly and so many times that you won’t even know. Here you must build up your patience, and learn the importance of being “Shanti”.

Be “Shanti”, take it easy, chill out, don’t pretend always and thank for any tiny thing that you get instead. Don’t stress yourself up, be “Shanti” and smile, dude… always.
Bhagsu Kiss sWhen you learn the “Shantiness” you will start to appreciate the Indian way, the Indian life. This is a life training that will teach you how to appreciate every single tiny thing that you get. Spoiled tourists won’t never understand the real beauty of this Country. Yes, there are also amazing places to see, from the south to the north. But live the Indian experience is something that goes much further than this. If you simply limit your visit, watching the touristic sightseeing, you will end up not learning a thing of this ancient culture. More than one billion people live here… it’s quite a lot, don’t ya think? A crazy fusion of cultures and religions. If you only deal with vendors and drivers, probably you won’t have a nice opinion of Indian people. Unfortunately Indians are known to be cheaters, but why? who say that? tourists… What can i say about it? I would lie if i say that is totally wrong. But try to go anywhere else, try to go to Italy, perhaps, and see if does not happen the same. The difference is that here maybe are more unashamed.. and you need to be “Shanti" and learn some tricks to deal with them.

If you learn this and you connect with local people, with local families, you will have unforgettable experiences, meeting amazing people and learning so much about this incredible culture. For example: when I’ve arrived in India, landing in Chennai, it was night and i didn’t know where to go. After 10 minutes i met one Indian guy on the train that saw me perhaps a bit confused of what to do and where to go.. well, that guy helped me out in that occasion and also during all the six months of my trip, giving me always nice informations by Facebook anytime i needed. During my experience i had also the luck to share time with some Indian families or with a Guru of a beautiful Indian dance. This experiences make you understand the real beauty of India.

I admit that until few years ago, i would have never thought to come here, just because of the Indian people that i met on my travel (vendors), just because of what i always heard about this Country. But now here i am, talking about the beauty of this place, and looking forward to go back as soon as possible. After India, every other Country will be such an easy and comfortable trip, but perhaps less interesting… everything so common and normal. Here you get so much used to challenge your limits, and thanks to the “Shantiness”, you learn how to not pretend anything. Making you able to appreciate much more every single thing, and also training you to keep yourself cool in any kind of uncomfortable situation.
This is the magic of India.

Be "Shanti" always.
Love ya


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