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  • Country: Vietnam
  • City: Can Tho
  • Year: 2015
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

The family plays a very important role in vietnamese people's life. This is a very remarkable attitude but can have also its downsides. Sometimes happen that the children don't have any chance to take their own choices, their own preferences. Everything is decided by the parents for the simple convenience of the family.

For example, the sons (and daughters) can't even choose their own career... i met a lot of students who were studying something that they don't like. This system could also lead to dangerous situations such as having a doctor who hates his job, because he wanted, perhaps, to be an ingeneer, and works only for making money and support the family.

I often feel like the most of young people are not allowed to express themselves, to chase their dreams, to do what they like. They can only obey orders from everyone and support the family. For one side this is surely a nice characteristic of this culture, because everyone is helping each others, but often it's also very limiting and constricting, where people grow up very slowly, and don't learn how to be independent. Because of the family they have to give up everything they want to be.

Of course now i'm generalizing and there are many exceptions, but this is anyway a downside of this kind of culture that i wanted to talk about.... because nothing is perfect and is right to talk about both sides of the same coin.

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