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Thailand Theme Park

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  • Country: Thailand
  • Year: 2015
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

I’ve been already three times in Thailand, and every time i get a bit disappointed about this Country. In my opinion it’s really overestimated. I mean, don’t misunderstand me, it’s not too bad, but it has became so much bloody touristy, that my interest on this Country is very low by now.

If you are looking for outstanding beaches and breathtaking landscapes, i suggest you to watch somewhere else, because you can find much better even in Countries close to Thailand.

Bangkok Koahsan road sIf you are looking for a warm hospitality and friendly people, here is not the right place anymore… thinking how was Thailand 20 years ago, known for its hospitality, with people always smiling and helpful, nowadays you will be very disappointed. The reason is the business mentality that transformed the most of the people that live here in sad and stressed persons that have forgotten how to smile. Bangkok is the most striking example, place where apparently money and work have substituted values like hospitality and friendship. I’ve been in two guest houses in this last holiday in Bangkok and in both of them the welcome was pretty much cool and annoying. The last day i was pissed off with the receptionist… bloody hell dude, make a bloody smile! Be Shanti a tiny bit and your life maybe would be better! Paradoxically not even an “old friend” could find an hour to meet me after something like 3 years.. considering that i went to that shitty hole called Bangkok for meeting him, it’s kinda disappointing at least. Crazy, crazy city people.. When you go more on the Countryside the things get a bit better, but seems like that almost everywhere the main thinking and mentality is the business.

If you are looking for culture Thailand became nothing but a huge Theme Park for tourists. It’s so bloody annoying driving around and see al these “attractions” for “tourists” everywhere. Everything is so fake; a show for simple tourists, everything is well organized to “satisfy” the taste of lazy persons. You just need to pay, buy a ticket and you can get whatever you want. Do you want to see animals? Well, there are bloody zoo and “sanctuaries” every 100 metres (of course i’m talking sarcastically). You can see drugged tigers, you can see monkey's shows, you can ride elephants…. just need to pay, who cares of the animals rights, it’s a matter of business here. Mae Hong Son Ride me s2Do you feel lonely and you have got an itchy scrotum? Let’s say how the things are.. Thailand is sadly well known for the sex tourism. I don’t wanna judge this attitude because everybody is free to do whatever he feels like but this characteristic makes Thailand a meeting point for all the horny elders of the world. There are places like Pattaya (the worst city that I’ve ever seen) where basically the only thing that you can see on the streets are old men with young prostitutes beside. This situation makes the atmosphere and the vibrations of Thailand, quite sad and negative.
If you are looking for a cheap place for traveling, Thailand is not even that cheap anymore. The time when you could easily get a meal for 1 euro is long time past. The average of the prices had increased exponentially in the last years. The big tourism business is making this Country every year more expensive. I mean, is still quite cheap compared to the western Countries, but is slowly catching up. You can find places a way cheaper than here.

Mae Hong Son Human Zoo sThis is what Thailand is for me nowadays: a huge Theme Park for tourists interested only on spending some money for every kind of “service”. There are also still places that can be culturally interesting, there are some places that you can feel as real, where also the people is more nice. But to find them is better if you take a motorbike and you drive out of the normal routes, they are quite hidden and difficult to reach. This is my way to enjoy this Country: rent a motorbike and drive to places not marked on the map.
Every thing i said is just personal opinion based on my personal taste about travel. I’m not telling you to avoid this Country, but you need to be aware of where you are going to spend your holiday. If you are looking for a cultural place, where you can learn about different cultures and religions, if you are looking for adventurous experiences or for sharing time with local people to learn their way of living, maybe you should chose a different Country. If instead you are looking for fun and partying, for an easy trip (or for easy sex), Thailand is the right place for you.There are also nice places to see after all, perhaps not breathtaking but surely not bad at all.

Love ya

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