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Welcome to my blog, welcome to Report from the world! First of all thanks for checking my page out.

Let me introduce myself... i’m Luca, a passionate traveler and photographer and i’m here to share my experiences with you, showing you through my photos, all the places that i visit around the world.

Basically, i left my hometown more than 3 years ago with a big backpack that i consider my actual home, and my beloved camera. If you ask me where i’m from i will answer you “from the world”, a citizen like you and everyone else of the only huge Country existing: the World.

I’m born in a small city called Pesaro in the middle east of Italy, and since i left i dedicated myself to this passion called photography. I’m still a beginner but putting myself on the first row and traveling around, my skills will improve day by day. I love photography but i also love to travel and discover new cultures and religions. What i do is trying to learn all i can, to grow up and increase my knowledge... in the world there are so many differences, so many different ways of living and thinking that everyday there is something new to learn. With my page i want to share what i learn during this long journey around the world.

I would call myself a discoverer, an adventurer, i seldom do any plan for my trip and i don’t think too much about the future. I enjoy to follow the flow of the events and the freedom that foes with it.. i feel free to change directions and places to see, anytime. There is not just one way to reach a goal, to reach a destination, and stucking yourself inside a schedule, a plan, would make you miss great experiences and opportunities. I am lucky to have enjoyed great memories of events that happened just because i didn’t plan anything, going blindly somewhere without knowing a single thing.

Try to don’t be always a tourist when you travel, sightseeing can be beautiful of course, but interact with locals, understand their way to live experiencing it on your skin, learn their culture, eat their food, listen their music.. this is what will make your stay unforgettable.

This is what i am and the way i live my life. I’m being myself everywhere i go, i do believe in Karma and i do my best to be a good person respecting everyone and everything... especially nature. Nature that i love and i deeply respect... unfortunately my skills on photography are still not enough developed to show you at the best its majestic beauty. I might have some nice shots to show you, some postcards from my trip, but mainly my photography, is focusing on the people's life.

Because this is what i like most: tell stories of real life with my photos.

So, the only thing that is left to do, is wishing you to enjoy my gallery, enjoy my articles, and perhaps my reportage that you can buy online.

You can find me also on Facebook on the page “Report from the world”:

For any question feel free to contact me.

Thanks. Love ya.