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Reportage: The Odissi Dance

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  • Author: Luca Fecarotta
  • Year: 2015
  • Pages: 27
  • Format: Digital download (PDF)
  • Price: 2,50 €
  • Availability: Available!

Hello my friends, this is my first reportage and book that i have written. During my stunning experience in India, i spent almost two months in a small mountain town called Bhagsu (Himachal Pradesh). This is the place where i had the pleasure of discovering and learning about the most ancient classical dance form of India: the Odissi Dance.

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rftw the odissi dance coverI’m kinda lucky person and i had the honour to join the class of  an expert Guru of this charming and spectacular art. For these two months i could witness all the efforts of the dancers in learning this tough and complicated discipline, and i've learnt about the story that is behind this dance. To deeply understand the Odissi Dance you need to read some books about the Hindu culture, because they are very connected. In fact this dance is basically like tell a story, a deception of stories about hindu goddesses, stories of love, of fights, betrayals...

I can honestly admit and confirm that this is the most fascinating and meaningful dance i’ve ever seen. You can clearly feel the ancient energy of this art in every representation. A spectacular show of colours, beauty, elegance and strength with a beautiful and charming music to accompany the performance.

With my photos i will guide you through the process of becoming a professional dancer, through hard training and rituals, explaining to you about this art and its characters. To teach you everything that is behind the Odissi, would take thousands of pages, so i’ll only give you some basic notions and for the rest i will let my pictures speak for me.

This book has 27 pages divided in 10 chapters and more than 50 pictures in high quality. After an introduction i will tell you and show you the dance, from the training to the show. This reportage is available for the download online in pdf format, for only 2,50 euro.


Report: The Odissi Dance (example page)Report: The Odissi Dance (example page)