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  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

Hello everyone! Ciao a tutti! Namaste! Konnichiwa! Nihao!... well, you got it.

Before start talking about what my project is, i should introduce myself, isn’t it?

I’m Luca, a very simple guy, actually. I left my home, by now, more than 3 years ago and with a lot of passion, a big backpack, and most of all my beloved camera, i started this trip around the world.

LucaA trip made to discover and learn new cultures, new religions, new ways for living, to grow up and rise my knowledge. Where am i from? Normally i answer to this question saying “from the world” and that this backpack that I carry around is my house. This is what i truly believe, because we are all brothers and sisters from a same big Country: the world. The differences that we see nowadays are made by the modern concept of society. Basically i’ve born at samopoint on the year 1984 in a small city called Pesaro, in the middle east of Italy.

What else do i need to say? About politic and religion is better if i don’t say much... i don’t have a precise one, just got my own way of thinking about it, and would be too difficult to explain in few words. Before i had a big hobby, that was play soccer. When i was younger i naively thought that was my life (i guess like other millions of kids). I spent 22 years of my life following this passion, now instead i simply enjoy playing any kind of sports with my friends around the world, when i have the opportunity.

Apparently i enjoy writing... because i’m doing since i started to travel... would be kinda silly for me, spend so much time on doing something that i don’t like. But the most important passion that i’ve got is definitely photography. I don’t even call this an hobby anymore; this is what i do everyday, this is what i want to do in my life, this is what i am: a photographer. Since a while, when the people ask about my job, i started already to call myself like this.

A dear friend of mine once told me tha just “trying “ to do something is already an half failure, means that unconsciously you are not ready 100% to take the risks and the responsibilities of it. JUST DO IT!

Here i am , writing to you (perhaps just a bunch of few people), being a photographer every day of my life. Don’t misunderstand me, i’m well aware to be just a beginner and that my photos might be not breathtaking. But i surely do my best and i put myself on the first row, willing to learn and improve as much as i can. At the moment i can proudly share with you plenty of quite good shots.

11066783 10204777351812081 6249916183405432379 nLet’s start to talk about my project, about what i’m practically doing. With my photos i love to tell stories of real life, of different realities; i like to tell you about the cultures that i meet on my path, the different religions, showing and explaining you the rituals that are behind these. So i would tag my humble photography mostly as street and portrait, or journalism photography. I might be able to show you some nice panorama, postcards too, but mainly will be what i said before.

Through my blog i will share all of this with you. The world is big and are all the differences that we can see all around us that make it so beautiful and interesting. You
don’t have to be afraid of them, but learn to appreciate them, make them part of your being, to open your mind, your heart and grow up. On my trip i see so many festivals (religious and not), so many daily rituals, that i will explain on my personal way, showing you the different aspects and passages. Everything is based on my personal experience, every word that i write is my personal opinion; opinions influenced by my personal emotions of human being.

Through my experiences i wish to be helpful for the other travelers on finding also good locations or perhaps helping to avoid my same mistakes, thanks to the informations about my journey.

I hope not to offend anyone, anyhow with the contents of my blog and books. And I wish you can enjoy reading my articles and viewing my photos. If you are interested and you like my work, you can check out my photo-books about my reportages, ready for the download online.. enriched with more details and photos.

Love ya.

REPORTAGE: The Odissi Dance

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 Reportage: The Odissi Dance