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  • Country: India
  • City: Jaipur
  • Year: 2015
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

The photographer life can be tough, sometimes for the best shots you have to risk, putting also at stake your trusty companion. There are unique opportunities in which you MUST take risks to stay at the forefront of what is a constant competition and photography war.

The Holi Festival for me was one of those occasions, how many times in my life I'll have the opportunity to assist and participate in this spectacular party... I could not go back empty-handed. Like me also many other photographers, amateur or not, were prepared at the best for this event.
The Holi Festival can be lethal for the camera, because the colored powder that is thrown everywhere, can easily go between the fragile mechanisms or the sensor, risking to compromise forever its functioning. Once in Jaipur a bit of anxiety began to grow inside me rapidly, I had an absolute needing to find a reasonable solution to protect myself as much as possible from the risks. Only the night before I found some transparent plastic bag that i could wrap around my SLR with tape.

The party the next day started slowly and had no particular problems in handling the situation but as time passed the party increased in intensity and with this also the risks.. after a couple of hours me and my camera were totally covered with color, by now i was already blindly photographing... it was funny to see how many people like me were equipped in all possible ways, some very innovative... as if we were joining in a real war.
What you see is the last pictures I took of the party going on... I said to myself: "What the fuck! Is time to stop and have fun too!". So I put it all my stuff away and I joined the crowd dancing with the locals while a colored rain kept falling over our heads. Time 5 minutes and I found myself to be thrown into the air by the Indian guys, and transported above the crowd.. like i was the star of a rock concert.. well, this had never happened to me before.

Thinking always and only about "work" can make you miss many opportunities.. Photographing is my greatest passion but sometimes stopping to live in the moment makes you appreciate even more what you're doing.

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