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  • Country: Thailand
  • City: Mae Hong Son
  • Year: 2015
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

During my stay in northern Thailand I rented a scooter and drove in company with an Australian girl met a few days earlier, through the villages in the mountains around Mae Hong Son. We were looking for the Burma's refugee villages to witness the different situations of life in the villages. This is the "Ban Nai Son Kayan Longneck Village", a small and remote village of huts almost inaccessible because of the dire condition of the road that leads here.

Unlike the village previously visited where other Longneck live, the situation was really peaceful and relaxed, perhaps because of its inaccessibility to the tourists. Here was a field where a dozen children of different ages were having fun playing football.
The football match is an important daily appointment for these kids who challenge each other every day after school. Seeing them play with so much passion, who with broken shoes, who with slippers, who barefoot or perhaps with just one shoe, has rekindled my dormant passion for the ball. I spent twenty minutes walking around timidly making a few photos and watching them play and have fun. My Australian friend continually tried to encourage me to get myself out there, but perhaps worried about my physical problems i was restraining a bit. Seeing me so interested in the match, one of the Thai boys so invited me to join the game. I have jumped at the chance and I threw myself into the fray. A match that lasted half an hour, few rules and lots of fun.

After 5 minutes I was pretty much fucked up, while these kids running around .. and think that once I was not bad at all. I became half a duffer, but who cares, better leave the way to younger and passionate boys. During the short break we chatted and they told me about the life of the place, they had learned a bit of English in the village school. The second part of the match has totally lost all the rules and has become a run after the ball without a real goal.

Before it got evening and starts to rain I had to say goodbye to everyone, take some photos for memory, get my scooter and drive back to the "civilization". Definitely a poor village and far from any comfort but a peaceful life and without the stress of traffic and the run after the money.

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