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  • Country: Japan
  • City: Osaka
  • Year: 2013
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

During my stay in Osaka I stayed in Nishinari-ku. This neighborhood is famous for being one of the most dangerous of all of Japan. Here, poverty and crime are ruling.. junkies, pushers, Yakuza are used to roam in this area. Walking around this neighborhood you have the chance to meet some ... strange people, and see what poverty is in Japan.

The picture shows a classic vending machine, which in Japan is a key element of daily life. Unlike in Italy, people use it often as a "restaurant" or "shop" as another ... maybe because they are always in a hurry, or maybe just because they are relatively cheaper. In this neighborhood is "special" for the fact that the price you see (50yen) is half of what you normally find on the streets... maybe are adapted to the poverty of the place.
Another characteristic of this neighborhood is the age average.. I don't exaggerate in saying that 85% of the people I saw here were elderly. It was also possible to see a kind of market stalls on the street... very common in Asia, but a true rarity 'in Japan. Almost a world apart.

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