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Human Madness

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  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

Humanity… show humanity.. I’ve started doubting about the positive meaning of this term since long time ago already. Perhaps we should look at the mirror and see what we’ve became, and what we are doing everyday around the world.

17 Hong Kong Pubblicita sWhat’s wrong with us guys? Are we going all fucking crazy? What i can see, what i can hear and read every single day is just madness, or perhaps is actually the real meaning of this overestimated word: humanity. We have the arrogance to think of being the main guests and the right owners of all the universe. We think to be so smart and be synonymous of evolution, the most developed life form. But look at what we do! Open your eyes! We are the only creatures of the world that live to destroy the balance that supports all the life and the ecosystem. We create the most corrupting tool that has taken control of our entire life: the money. Money helps, money are useful for living… yes, of course, but why? Because this is the world where we are unfortunately living now. We are stupid creatures, and from just a simple tool we ended up venerating this little piece of paper, like a God.

Nowadays we live in a world where the career and the celebrity is more important than the real values like family, friendship, love… In a world where we are constantly brainwashed by advertisements that make us believe to have the needing of every single bullshit. 48 Gwangju Hurricane sWe live in a world where Nations invade and kill just for a matter of money, every fucking day. Chennai Trash sWhere “Religious” cover themselves in gold and ask money instead donate it. Where we create illnesses to sell medicines. We’ve killed to the extinction animal species and we are forcing in chains the others for the price of a ticket. A world where we've forgotten the importance of the nature, and for money we pollute sky and oceans.. for our selfishly greedy feeling of constant needing. We also kill people that find alternative and clean energy resources instead these poisons that we constantly use for everything. Are you actually so naive to think that hasn’t been found anything yet to substitute stuff like petrol? Can you understand how much natural energy is flowing all around you? Too much money are behind all this! The problem are just the huge Lobbies that control all the world moving the money around.

And what are these money that we need so much? Are pieces of paper made by trees. Trees are what we actually need for living, for breathing, and for money we’ve chopped down and deforested the 80% of the world. So, how stupid can we be to do such an idiotic thing? Do we actually think to be the smartest animals just because we invent new technology everyday? 20 Angkor Wat The Tree sIf we just have a look at the past, we can find so many inventions that we can’t still understand, "bad-ass" tools that we can’t still reproduce despite our super technology. So, we should be more humble and understand our huge limits. We need more consciousness of what we are and what we've became: crazy stupid animals.

We are just guest like every other living creature, a single tiny speck in the immensity of the universe. Why are we thinking so high of our being? what’s all this human greed? Can’t we understand how powerless we are compared to the mother nature? You can have how much money you want, cover yourself in gold, own a skyscraper, a Ferrari, and whatever… but the earth needs to shake just ten seconds and you are death with other 10.000 people.. Try to use your money now?

As my friend always say: "We need more Love"

Love ya

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