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For a Buddhist Monk, the debate is a crucial aspect of his own curriculum. It's used to sharpen their critical skills and test their ability to explain and debate various teachings. The monks train periodically on debating and is an effective means of expanding the mind, increasing mental sharpness, developing analytical capacity, and gaining internal clarity.

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Team work

The most impressive aspect of the Golden Temple is the fact of being able to provide free meals 24 hours on 24, every day of the year since more than 400 years! Thanks to the help of hundreds of workers and hundreds of volunteers, 100,000 meals are prepared each day (200,000 on the weekend), 500 every 10 minutes, served free and unlimited to everyone that comes here.

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The Jaggler

Here we are at the Golden Temple in Bylakuppe where 3,000 tibetan monks live as refugee. This one was the building where the younger monks are studying. At lunch time everyone was running to get the meal. Despite their votes, their attitude is still the one of normal young guys.. like everyone else.

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Monkey Temple

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Homeless Life

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A shearer of a small gipsy village in the middle of the Thar Desert. During the night the temperature of the desert drop drastically, especially in winter you need to keep yourself warm thanks to the Goats wool.

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