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Local Market

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  • Country: Vietnam
  • City: Can Tho
  • Year: 2015
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

In Can Tho, from early morning until late afternoon, right on the Mekong River's shore, there is a local market. In Vietnam you can eat almost anything that breathes (except humans of course). You can eat all kinds of animals... dogs and cats included.

For sure it's a disputable thing, especially comparing the western culture where animals, like dogs and cats are treated like members of the family. But it's also true that we have never lived the same situation, we've never experienced the same poverty which they did for hundreds of years. Perhaps by now we would be doing the same thing. Would i do that? Absolutely not.. i can't. And also many Vietnamese people think the same as me, actually... but it's only a matter of different culture. The only despicable side of the story, is the fact that there are many episodes of stealing pets from other families, for selling them at the market. This is unacceptable and mean, but as you already know, criminals are everywhere in the world, and are only a few.. therefore doesn't make all the people living here barbarians.

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