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TajMahal Welcome

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  • Country: India
  • City: Agra
  • Year: 2015
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

Here we are in one of the most famous and visited places of the world. One of those places that you always dream to see with your own eyes.. Once here you will be definitely impressed by the fascinating architecture of this building that stands majestically with its pearl white color in the middle of the red walls of the fort.

The thing that maybe you do not expect, is the shit load of people, tourists, roaming around for what seems to be now a sort of DisneyLand.
There are Indians from all over the Country, and most of them seem to be definitely coming from the rich part of the social class. Then of course there are also tourists from all over the world engaged in performing all the classic and already famous souvenir photos of the place.
Until a few years ago the entrance fee was pretty much the same price between Indian and foreign.

Over the last years, the Indian government decided to increase in an almost ridiculous way the prices for foreigners, for all the palaces and museums in India. Here the price reaches its peak arriving to the amount of 750rupees, compared to the only 20 for the Indians. Apparently 250rupees of this ticket are supposedly used to help Agra City.. but looking around seems not to happen, seeing the general decay of the place.
Despite all, you can not say otherwise than the TajMahal has a beauty and charm unique.

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