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Crazy streets

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  • Country: Bangladesh
  • City: Dhaka
  • Year: 2015
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

One of the main reasons why Bangladesh "suffers" of tourism really small, are the roads and the traffic. The streets of Bangladesh are definitely among the worst in the world (and I've been in India and Sri Lanka, that even there the situation is very bad about this)... honestly i reckon that find worse will be more than a challenge.

Road conditions in the city are quite embarrassing, those outside the city are record-breaking (in a negative way, of course). Considering the incredible density of the population of this small country, the resulting chaos is absurd.
Start by saying, that comparisons with Italian cities like Naples or Rome, well known for their chaos, are not possible. The road has no rules and the cops around struggle to maintain a semblance of order (do not envy them at all). Street and sidewalk becomes one single thing and people make space almost shoving. As soon as you there is a chink all the people try to pass through it, no matter on which way it is.

Obviously the situation is not the same in every city and district, but will not differ that much during rush hour. The problem is the condition of the asphalt (when there is), for the constant presence of huge holes to avoid somehow.
You better build patience or even better... walk, you might be faster.

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