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Who is the photographer?

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  • Country: India
  • City: Amritsar
  • Year: 2015
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

Why are you a photographer? for what? This is an important question that sooner or later you have to make to yourself. One of the days spent in Amritsar made me understand more, an aspect that I love about photography.

I was walking around the Golden Temple hunting the beautiful shot, the interesting face, the original angle and the elegant composition, standard practice for any photographer in search of glory. A couple of hours spent in the hot sun and the usual 45 degrees daily, taking hundreds of photos. At some point I met a professional photographer who was wondering around with my common goal.
After chatting a bit, two Indian boys, they timidly approached us, foreigners, with these big cameras in the hands, and after a few seconds of hesitation they asked if they could have a photo taken from us. The photographer points the young amateur (me), says "him", and walks away quickly risk focused on his goal and not even looking back. The kids just wanted to experience the excitement of receiving a shot made by a professional camera, from an "international photographer," as if I were Steve McCurry. Just one minute to take a couple of photos and show them, and they thank me with enthusiasm leaving happy.

From this moment begins the second part of my day. All boys around had seen the scene and started to talk to each other... After only five minutes start coming one after another, kids and boys of all ages wishing to have a shot from me, the young amateur. See every time the enthusiasm of the kids was very pleasant and satisfying, I no longer thought to my vital mission. The time passed, probably hundreds of interesting portraits passed behind my back and slowly the sun was hiding behind the buildings. By now I had become the official photographer of the Golden Temple and also the older people approached me asking for a souvenir photo.
I know very well that i had lost the opportunity to take many great shots, shots that surely the serious photographer had taken, in these cases instead i prefer to perhaps make some kids happy and give them a smile... "work" or "mission" comes after because this is another important aspect that I like about photography, its capability to make people smile.

Honestly once maybe I would had escaped too, greedy for shots; has often happened in the past that I've got angry for trifles with people that had dared to "ruin" my shot (but only a few times openly). But why take it so badly? If not today, the good shot will come tomorrow .. I'm not going to stress myself up and spoil the pleasure of doing what I love.
So, my dear photographer who run away like that, maybe you managed to take many shots that will bring money inside your pockets, but I have managed to bring a smile... for me that has great value. Then maybe, slowly, some money will come in the future, who knows, but I'll try not to forget the sense and the reason of why I like to do all this.

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