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An interesting day

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  • Country: South Korea
  • City: Seoul
  • Year: 2013
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

A normal day around the city of Seoul, is turned into a succession of events.. interesting and funny. The daily goal was the visiting of the royal palace, but on the way something caught my attention. Before there was a stand where you could wear for free the typical clothes of Korean Emperor.. Ok, very touristic, but it was free, so why no?

Then in the square in front of the palace were ongoing the preparations of what appeared to be a "Tae kwon do" exhibition. After a few minutes, the athletes began performing and what I witnessed has been a spectacular performance. An incredible demonstration of athleticism, coordination, strength and elegance.. sometimes was like watching scenes from the famous movie "The Matrix". At some point, was time to call people from the audience... among the people present, I and my friend were the only foreigners, and we had been inevitably chosen. My task was to break three wooden tiles with a fist, with embarrassing scream included.. Any failure in front of everyone would have been very humiliating and it put me much commotion.. Incredibly, beyond all my expectation I've succeeded.. just a small cut in the hand and the embarrassment of screaming like an idiot in front of amused Korean. It was a fun experience honestly.. definitely a pleasant half hour.

But the day is not over yet. After having continued the tour of the beautiful royal palace, on the way back I found another event going on, in a square this time bigger and crowded. Apparently they were filming some kind of TV show with various performances of beautiful and colorful traditional dances and songs (I love this kind of stuff). On stage there was an announcer hypothetically funny (did not understand anything but people were laughing), that in the intervals between the shows invited people from the public to perform in some sketches. Do you think I have not been seen and immediately called? obvious.. This time the embarrassment reached limits untouchable until that moment..

I had to perform in a comic competition with two other Korean men. The aim was to imitate and repeat a famous sentence in Korean (maybe a comedian .. I have no clue). The audience was the jury and the prize was a package of fresh eggs. The battle was hard but I've triumphantly won that eggs.. I think my face was bright red for shame!
Later, during other breaks, the calls from the public increased for participating in group games.. boh?! you had to guess in which direction jump. By now that the ice was broken, I have not turned back, and I also went on to win other eggs.
What can i say? certainly a day to remember with sympathy, a day of celebrity in Seoul.

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