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White Tricky Smile

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  • Country: Bangladesh
  • City: Dhaka
  • Year: 2015
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

This is one of the boatmen of the shipyard in Sadarghat. Once I arrived here I was approached by a man at the entrance.. supposedly nothing strange. This people are famous for their hospitality and there is always someone who wants to have a chat. This time there was something different and I've noticed it immediately.

The man who could speak a little in English was particularly interested in my visit to the site and began to tell me about the activities' of the place. Knowing now very well this trick (Countries like India and others on the Southeast Asia, train you hard), I soon realized where it would end.
After two minutes the man introduces me excited another person, quite distinct, that, speaking a good English, introduces me to the activities of the place. And here we are, to the point, the interesting one hour tour on a boat in the waters of the shipyard.Answering vague and faking interest, I try to study a little bit the situation and find alternatives... honestly the tour was very interesting, but I knew that this was a typical case in which, the price that i get is definitely higher. I probably would have paid the man at the entrance, the man of the tour and the boatman and maybe some other friends.

So they introduce me also this man waiting on a boat. The man makes a big smile and a nod of agreement to his "colleague" of the tour. The price is 350taka... definitely not expensive if compared to Western prices, but I was not born yesterday and I hate being ripped off and taken for a fool. So I try to get away and find an alternative solution to the tour.. but the man stays with me like a stamp making continuous pressure to start the tour. In a few minutes I find the place of departure of all the boats where the locals were leaving to cross the river. After maybe just five minutes, with some difficulty in communicating in English i reach a price of 40taka.. obviously I turn, and there is not even the shadow of that man.

This episode often happens in these countries.. These little tricks and strategies are quite common, be well aware of this and just try to deal with locals, avoiding these figures more distinct. More people you have to meet, more people you have to pay. Deal instead with those directly involved (like the boatman) and certainly you will pay much less.

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