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King of the street

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  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • City: Colombo
  • Year: 2014
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

What about the bus in Sri Lanka .... simply Crazy! Criminals provided to public transport.. I have never seen such a thing, really.. The explanation is simple: they are paid according to how many people they charge during the day.

Then, count the fact that, here, on the streets there are virtually no rules, the result is simple: they make the rules. Easy to understand: they are big and bad, you move or it is worse for you... you'll see them speeding up to 100kmh also in the city, driving against the traffic, take the priority.. it's a rush, because more laps they do, more people they can put aboard (or run over....), and more money they can make. The partner of the criminal (driver) is this little man who, on the picture, looks out of the door. Why is he there?

Because sometimes there is no time to stop so he must warn people awaiting the arrival of the bus.. sometimes you have to jump in, other times you have to give up and wait for the next one (because he's driving too fast to be able to stop). Basically there are no timetables or arrival times, you wait and hope it stops and is not overloaded. The driver has two ways of communication, two different horns: one more acute which means "I am here"; another stronger one which means... well.. "get outta my way".
So, Good Luck!

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