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Brace yourself

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  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • City: Ella
  • Year: 2014
  • Author: Luca Fecarotta

Bus trip from Kandy to Ella .. In the last two weeks it had rained a lot (being the monsoon season), and there had been many problems due to floods and landslides all throughout Sri Lanka.

So I had to give up the train ride to go to Ella, unfortunately this train ride is also known for being one of the most beautiful in the world. The trip was terrible!
On mountain roads there had been many landslides and the road was almost inaccessible. Once in Sri Lanka you will soon understand that the bus drivers are the worst and crazy ever.. Well, the fact that the roads were mostly almost one-way because of debris, in your opinion, has made their drive more wise and reasonable?... Naaaaaah...

It was better to strongly hold on and hope that the traffic on the other side wasn't coming (especially another crazy bus), otherwise you ended up on the floor! Seven hours almost endless and quite scary... past with the constant fear of going down to the escarpment. These drivers are totally crazy, believe me.

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